Building the largest NFT marketplace on Cardano

Cofounder / Lead Designer

2021 - Present

Highlights of my 2 years at JPG Store

  • 1 of 4 cofounders (2 product designers, 1 engineer, 1 PM)

  • Helped grow the business to a $60M valuation ($6M Seed in Sep 2022)

  • Achieved 99% marketshare on the Cardano blockchain within 1 year

  • Led design across 3 products that has generated over ₳600M+ in trading volume with 300k monthly visitors

  • Led design for all of brand marketing

  • Managed a design team of 3 (2 product designers, 1 illustrator)

  • Overhauled the design system using Flowbite as the foundation, streamlining implementation for engineers

Bulk buying for traders

145% increase in trading volume the day after launch

For users that want to buy a lot of NFTs at once, we introduced a "sweeping" tool that allows users to purchase up to 50 NFTs in one go. After we launched this, there was a substantial increase in daily trading volume.

Minting on JPG Store

700k ADA in minting revenue since launch

No developer is required to use our minting service. Collection owners will be able to set up mint phases directly in JPG without any coding involved.

Website revamp using the Flowbite design system

Sped up engineering + design workflow by at least 50% with lots of appreciation from our engineering team

It was too slow of a process for engineers to build custom components. Between two designers, we did an overhaul of our entire website and mapped it to the Flowbite design system in order to make implementation faster for engineers. Ensured there was a dark and light mode version for all pages.

Minting calculator

Increased minting conversion rate by 30%

Price transparency is important in web3. We found that there weren't a lot of minting services that showed the final cost before sign up, so in order to gain trust and hopefully increase conversions, we added a free cost calculator right on the landing page.

$JPG Token

Noticeable increase in overall engagement on the marketplace and Twitter

Tackling customer loyalty with gamification and rewards. Launching soon.

Analytics for NFT collections

Allows traders to better analyze trends and price history of NFT collections

Twitter marketing

Average of 200k impressions on posts and grew the @jpgstoreNFT account to 80K+ followers

I was in charge of the marketing graphics on Twitter

IRL party during NFT.NYC 2023

1000+ attendees

Designed marketing material, physical merch, a custom drink menu, and coordinated with event management company to throw a party in New York

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